Odisha Media info Service (OMIS) Private Ltd and Odisha Diary Foundation (ODF) organizing annual Kalinga Literary Festival every year on the month of June.  4thEdition in Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) held on 11 and 12 June 2017 to celebrate this creative spirit of the Bhubaneswar and commemorate the literary diversity it offers, bringing it in conversation with the best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India. Academics, authors, political and social activists, lawmakers, government officials, corporate leaders, students and people from all walks of life will immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and exchange opinions on their favorite authors and works. Several eminent literary and film personalities are scheduled to attend the event.

On 2017 Kalinga Literary Festival introduce Mystic Kalinga.  In the first edition of Mystic Kalinga, we had several illustrious personalities sharing their ideas on different aspects of literature. They brought their local, regional, national and international experience to the platform and engaged with the cross-sections of the audience.

Leading national and global names in literary circle are like Padma Vibhushan Dr. Sitakant Mahapatra , Dr. Kedarnath Singh,   Ramakanta Ratha, Jayanta Mohapatra, Piyush Mishra,  Bhalchandra Nemade, H.S. Shivprakash, Haldhar Nag, Dr. Pratibha Ray , Satyanand Nirupam,  Ravish Kumar, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Haraprasad Das, Mark Tully,   Sushma Seth, Roopa Ganguly, Prof. Ashok Chakradhar, Paramita Satapathy, Dr. Mrinal Chaterjee, Sabyasachi Mahapatra, Vineet Kumar, Grindranath Jha and others were joined the first edition Mystic Kalinga which held at Mayfair Hotel, Bhubaneswar.

Central Theme: (ଅସୀମ) Transcending Boundaries

Aseem in Odia is without boundaries. Normally referred to God who has Assem Shakti, Aseem Prema and Aseem Karuna. Aseem also means the same thing in Hindi. Translated into English it refers to limitlessness, indefinite, boundless, universal and unlimited.

Boundaries today have become increasingly important, advocated by some as a necessity or as some say a necessary evil. Literature, especially poetry, as a genre has transcended any such self-imposed or social imposed boundary. But not without a struggle. This struggle, however, is social and transcending it is only human. From being social to being human the struggle continues. Boundaries are created, recreated, drawn and re-drawn in the name of safety, security and comfort but we need to ask whether they make us more human.

Transcending Boundaries refers to transcending of artificial and natural limitations imposed by our body, mind, the physical world and at times by the nature. Most of these are created by us. It’s important to transcend the self-imposed, social-imposed and nature-imposed boundaries. Many of us know this. Still we continue to remain within our boundaries. Some of us face intense struggle and nevertheless, still continue to expand their boundaries and attempt to engage with the wider world, universe and cosmos.

Session in Mystic Kalinga are designed to reveal and relish the mystic side of nature and human inquiry. We will have recitations, readings and performances to see, unveil, enjoy and immerse in the lyrical and musical beauty of mysticism that this world is made of.

From the inner sanctums of hearts to the deep jungles of life, from the adventurous shores of the beaches to the serenity of the caves, we will present you a kaleidoscopic view of the human ingenuity that the ancient Kalinga produced. It’s a tribute to the Kalinga Spirit of engagement, peace, non-violence and inquiry. It’s our return to Kalinga.

Celebrity poets likely to join Mystic Kalinga 2017- Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Gulzar ji , Arundhathi Subramaniam , Professor Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Poet Alexandru Cetateanu, Mrs.Noriko Mizusaki, Ramakanta Rath, Sitakanta Moapatra, Pratibha Ray, Deepti Naval, Divya Dutta, Jayanta Mohapatra , Sanjeeb Saraf, Prof. Ashok Chakradhar, Pranesh Prasad,   Paramita Satapathy,   Piyush Mishra, Swand Kirkire, Pawan Verma, Prof. Shiv Prakash, Sagar Sarhadi, Keki Daruwala, Ashok Vajpayee and others.

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