2nd Mystic Kalinga

A Festival of Verse, Music, Dance and Discussion

From the Carnal to the Cosmic: A Celebration of Bhakti Poetry

This festival is a celebration of bhakti – that great tearing disruptive experience of human longing. A longing so all-encompassing that it has often blurred the divide between the sacred and the sensual, the erotic and the existential, the human and the divine. In a festival that is both celebratory and exploratory, the aim is not merely to discuss bhakti, but to distil its very essence. And hence the remarkable diversity of modes and styles at this festival. Poets, dancers, storytellers and musicians are as integral to this unique event as scholars and academics. The conversations it seeks to initiate are not merely through word, but through movement and melody, song and silence. The result is a mélange of poetry readings, lectures, music concerts, panel discussions and dance performances by some of the most exciting artists, seekers and scholars of our times.

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